John 3:16 King James Version Bible

Understanding “John 3:16” in the King James Version Bible

Discover the powerful message of John 3:16 from the King James Version Bible, which explains God’s love for all people, the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, and the promise of salvation and eternal life through belief. Explore this well-known verse in a simple and easy-to-understand way.

Korean Bible

한국어 성경

안드로이드 사용자들에게 한국어로 번역된 성경을, 완전히 무료로 공개하게 되어 기쁩니다!

Frank Charles Thompson Bible

Who Was Frank Charles Thompson?

As a young preacher in the late 1800s, Dr. Frank Charles Thompson had a strong spiritual connection to Jesus and was determined to make a tool for Bible study that was both knowledgeable and straightforward.

Read The Bible

Why is it Important to Read The Word of God Daily?

The King James Version (KJV) is a vital component for establishing and preserving a wholesome spiritual lifestyle. Taking in the sacred scriptures on a regular basis can be advantageous in preparing us to fight spiritual struggles, allowing us to become competent mentors, and supporting us in producing spiritual fruits. 

Biblia Reina Valera “RVR” 1960 sencilla

Esta es una Biblia sin complicaciones, con audio, una app que te permite leer la Palabra de Dios con un lenguaje sencillo, para que entenderla no sea difícil y puedas edificarte en las enseñanzas que Dios tiene para ti.

Spurgeon Bible commentary (KJV) Free

Spurgeon Bible commentary (KJV) Free

Spurgeon Bible commentary free, from KJV version in English. Get the best Study Bible free!  Download this high quality and practical app and do your Bible study comfortable on the coach. We offer the Spurgeon Study Bible free, the Holy Word with study notes from Charles Spurgeon Sermons. It will be your default mobile Bible, …