By Jesus, Through Jesus, For Jesus [Video]

In this video, we explore several Bible verses that will humble you and bring you closer to understanding your place in God’s creation. As you watch this video, you’ll see how these scriptures encourage us to live with humility and a selfless spirit, all by Jesus, through Jesus, and for Jesus.

By Jesus, Through Jesus, For Jesus from Mosaic Church on Vimeo.

The video highlights the teachings of Jesus, who exemplified the ultimate humility through his life and sacrifice. His words inspire us to serve others without seeking recognition or reward, reflecting true greatness through servitude. This is all by Jesus’ example, through His love, and for His glory.

Throughout the video, we also delve into the Psalms, which offer profound insights into humility. These poetic prayers emphasize our dependence on God and His sovereignty over all creation, reminding us of our human frailty and the importance of seeking God’s guidance and mercy. All of this is understood by Jesus’ teachings, through His Spirit, and for His purpose.

Proverbs is another focus of this video, providing practical wisdom on humility. It teaches us to avoid pride and arrogance, showing that humility leads to honor and that a humble heart is cherished by God. We learn and apply these lessons by Jesus’ wisdom, through His guidance, and for His praise.

The New Testament letters, frequently mentioned in the video, call believers to humility, urging them to consider others above themselves and to live in harmony and peace. They remind us that pride leads to division, while humility fosters unity and love. This unity is achieved by Jesus’ command, through His strength, and for His kingdom.

As you watch this video, take time to reflect on these verses and how they can help you cultivate a spirit of humility. By doing so, you’ll draw closer to God’s heart and learn to live more selflessly and compassionately. Enjoy the video and let these scriptures inspire you to walk humbly with your God, by Jesus, through Jesus, and for Jesus.