What is God’s Purpose for Our Lives?

In a world filled with uncertainty, chaos, and questions, one question stands paramount in the hearts of many: What is God’s purpose for our lives? As a pastor deeply committed to the teachings of Jesus Christ and the truths of the Bible, I believe this question is not just fundamental but also transformative.

Prayer for healing

Prayer for healing

Holy Fatherand Good Father,thank you foryour kindnesstowards all of us. Thank you for allthe good things youhave granted usthroughout our lives. I draw near to you,Lord, to ask that yougrant health to thosewho are sufferingfrom any illnessat this moment. Lord, I ask thatyour mighty handreach each one ofthem, grantingthem relief fortheir pains andencouragementfor their spirit. …

John 3:16 King James Version Bible

Understanding “John 3:16” in the King James Version Bible

Discover the powerful message of John 3:16 from the King James Version Bible, which explains God’s love for all people, the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, and the promise of salvation and eternal life through belief. Explore this well-known verse in a simple and easy-to-understand way.

Korean Bible

한국어 성경

안드로이드 사용자들에게 한국어로 번역된 성경을, 완전히 무료로 공개하게 되어 기쁩니다!