The best reviews about our app: KJV Study Bible free

My experience with this app is terrific! …All but one thing, when I set my notifications for 6:00am in the app. settings, it doesn’t chime off on that time, it’ll chime anytime it wants, and that’s pretty frustrating, but other than that I really like the extra study guide that comes with what I am studying, and since I wear reading glasses, I love how I can set the font size to huge and can see all the words brilliantly and clear! … I’d love it if y’all had a Bible dictionary!

Absolutely love this app for study. It offers extensive notes and references to help us understand the bible. Also you can customize time and day of notifications with verses which is great. The only reason i had to uninstall was because i couldnt change the color scheme of the presentation. The red banners and highlighting is too severe. It begins to be too painful to read after only a few mins. Otherwise its a winner!

Easy access to different passages of scripture that cross reference a particular book, verse, that I am studying. To easily go from the cross reference back to that exact same book and verse, is a phenomenal tool for the student of God’s Holy Word. It not only makes studying fun, but also faster and the best part, it is free!! I am blessed and may God bless you all as well. Rev. Bob Blaine Proverbs 3:5-10

Best Bible app because of the good commentary. It makes studying the word to a new level and points to the Bible as a huge puzzle where each scripture is a piece that fits perfectly into the whole picture. Only when you see the Bible as a complete picture can you understand why the pieces cannot be understood by themselves. Each is a clue that feeds our desire for more! Amen

I love this app because the front size are bold enough to read without glasses and the study guide helps a lot. It makes studying easier as it with have the lines upon lines just one click away.

Yes its a very nice study app it is just everything ive been needing to study the word of God its so very easy to use and i like the audio that it lets you read along with the written bible text amen really love it so much Thanks alot for making it so easy to use and its also easy to see because my sight is not very good

It’s easy to read the Bible when you’re on the go. You can study the Bible, pray everyday. Get Bible verses and even have prayers sent to the mobile device at least 3 times a day. So if you’re looking for something like this, this is the app that you want on your devices.

A very wonderful and helpful Bible App. It has been helping my spiritual life. I thank the developers and request continuous improvement. I invite all serious Bible students to download this app.

I really love this app it’s wonderful as far as I ve gone I am grateful I did not miss downloading an app like this but I would have loved for it to have an audio That works with it.

The concordance is a big Plus and very convenient when studying the word of God. I truly Enjoy the knowledge gained through the Reference given in each chapter. Thank you

Great app!! Connects you to the Lord in this end time. The random verses are a great inspiration! Wonderful app👌

This Bible app is the best online Bible app I have ever used. It is easy to take notes, highlight verses, and navigate through the entire Bible. This is the creme de la creme of all Bible apps in my opinion.

I love love this Bible it has everything that I need and Bible verses showing on the screen of my phone time after time, it helps to keep my mind on the word of the LORD.😊 24/7.

I love this app, especially the notes, helps me to conect the OT to the NT. Which helps me to decode some mysteries.

A must have app for those who delight in the Word of God. It is very handy, and functions efficiently. It’s a lifeline to me, almost part of me. An indispensable tool. Much thanks to the developer of the app. If anything could be added, is an option in the voice when listening to the reading of the verses and chapters.

Have not been using it long, but so far I like the features others don’t have being able to listen and read is great. To be able to access the study guide in one book is wonderful. It also allows you to highlight and take note, and keep you place.

Very helpful when studying during Sunday Service. This app contains cross-references which really helps in a study. I also appreciate the daily verses. They have been so inspiring for the past few months.

I love having the Bible on my phone as it is easily within reach. i can read it anytime, anywhere…not that it will completely do away with my physical Bible. I really like the notification in the morning with a random verse. Verses can be hilighted with notes added. This app also has an audio that you can listen to.Thank you.

The experience with using is great it has never given any problems since I’ve had it, between this phone and my old phone I’ve had over a year of experience so no complaints on my behalf. I want to Thank God and All the hands he put together to have this app. Very few times I have seen misspelled words but not one person alive has never went without a mistake lol. God will help us fill in the blanks lol. 🙂

I love this Bible app. It allows me share verses with very nice backgrounds. The draw back on it is that it only permits sharing of one verse at a time and also the background pictures are few. If these are improved upon in the next update, it will be great. Thanks.

Amazing app. Perfect for reading or simply just studying or want more information about things in the Bible. Great bible app. Even better for young Christian converts. Would love when I’m sharing verses tho that it puts the correct verse number at the end and not just have “–:0”

The BEST! Awesome Bible for the phone, it opens the scriptures with powerful notes and cross references. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! Ads are a pain, but subscribing is an option. Also, app seriously needs search ability added for study to be most fruitful.

Very helpful references, footnotes, original languages interpretations, & easy to correlate & follow in text. Connections of the Old & New Testaments are right on target & very inspiring during study time. This Study Bible leaves you with much information to meditate on. It gives you a desire to study the Bible. It brings our Redeemer & Saviour alive in all 66 Books. Thank you for putting so much work into this Study Bible for me.

I love the way that the books and chapters are layed out and easy to navigate through. The references even pop up so you can read them. I also love the larger print which makes it easier to read.

I really like this app because of the references it provides, the color coding,and the comments concerning a lot of the scriptures. It gives me a better understanding. In all I really enjoy the information it gives and the simplicity it provides and it’s can be readily accessible on our phones. Thanks for whomever produced this app. It truly is a blessing.

love recieveing daily devotional!! same time ever day , helps to stay in the word and to know the word. Good start to my day daily. made the app easy for the first time user.. User friendly, simple and easy to use. Notes added carry over from device to device make adding and deleting easy , plus studing becomes easier. Carry it to church, study at home.. all around appbfor anyone looking to study the bible. Large words , easy searching, fast results makes this the best all around bible app. A+

It’s a really good app! Whenever I want to read God’s word, I can go read my bible, or I can go on the phone and read on this app! If you want to highlight a verse that is important, you can click on it and pick the color and pick your color choice! I LOVE this app! You should install it and check it out! P.S: It has the whole King James Version Bible!

I love this app, especially the ability to select favorite verses. Would also love for you to provide the ability to search the Bible for specific quotes, and the ability to select favorite chapters (instead of verses only). Excellent app.

Just signed up. References and cross references are good. Notes you create for each verse is a option for personal reflection. Did not see a option to print notes would be helpful. Also links to other versions to cross reference comments would be helpful as well.

It is disconcerting when ads appear while reading the Bible and there isn’t an option to clear it. Other than that this Bible app is perfect for studying and one can take it with you anywhere and everywhere.

This App is very easy for me(61year old) to navigate through. Love writing my thoughts down when I study God’s Word(easy access to my thoughts right in the App). It would be even better if, I could transfer my thoughts I’ve saved to my new phone when it arrive.

The word of God is inspirational as we who believe know. In this app, I can add my thoughts to my study and have the room to do that, unlike in my printed Bible. For this reason, and for the other great features, I greatly appreciate and approve of this app. It’s an excellent study tool to have, and I truly recommend it to those who want to enhance their study into God’s word. Be blessed!!

It is a good one. But should be improved upon to become the best, in the area of navigation and the use of colours. The colours are too faint compared to others. LET THE VARIOUS COLOURS BE BOLD FOR USERS SATISFACTION PLEASE.

I love this app because of its ability to explain The Word for me. However, as you can see I have been using it since 2018. One thing please, these colour highlights are too pale and apparently some has been removed and replaced. I now have to replace most of mine. Can you please correct this misfortune for so of us sight challenged people? Thanks in advance. In Christ.

So convenient!! Great during Bible Study. Love it! Great commentary. But they added ads that last 5+ seconds without any way to avoid or hurry them. I am willing to pay to eliminate them, but that option is unavailable. It’s such a disrespectful intrusion to my reading and studying. How crass and commercial can you get!!!

Fantastic app for all lovers of the KJV, & for those curious as to why the KJV is the most trusted & reveared for over four hundred years. The only translation that is truly reliable. You can’t go wrong with the KJV. The only problem being the chapters don’t have verse numbers, just chapters. I know this is important when dealing with people who need specific verses in order to clarify what’s written.

Very easy to navigate. And with the notifications it will help keep you on track with your faith and reading some scripture everyday. Great for those like me who let life get in the and forget to praise God. Great Bible app. Recommended highly.

God is wonderful and awesome and so is his Word. Small grip though the page turning part of the app is a bit to sensitive. What I mean is I’m reading a chapter and then as I’m scrolling down the page the page changes unexpectedly.

I love everything about this app. It has large print and bright colors embedded into the design that makes it visually appealing. I like that the scripture is paraphased giving meaning and interpretation. A must have app for bible lovers!

Well! so far I’ve been browsing it while doing my morning devotion and find it very inspirational indeed. I would also like to see some texts relating to love, forgiveness, salvation etc.

I really do love this Study Bible!!! I’m pretty old fashioned, I still prefer the Authorized King James Version of the Bible. We’ve used it since I was 7½ years old, and I guess that, if I live another 56 years, I will still use it at 120 years of age. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect to still be alive in 2088…